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Aaro Redesign by Retaya
Aaro Redesign
So some of you may or may not remember my somewhat-old roleplay character, Aaro Naiyo the half-nekomata wandering-ex-assassin-samurai-guy. His roleplay is getting a reboot so I decided his design needed one too.

This is what he used to look like ---->>…

Most of the colors will be the same. I can't really bring myself to change much about Aaro's color scheme. It wouldn't feel like Aaro otherwise.

His hair is messier now because Aaro is a homeless wanderer who doesn't own a hair brush. Smooth hair would not make sense. And his face is now a bit more ambiguously asian looking. It makes sense since his mom is very clearly asian looking.

His cloak is styled differently now. And his clothes in general are meant to fit more into the fantasy feudal japan inspired setting. They're all ruffed up and tattered, again, because he's a wanderer, and he can't sew.

I also decided to give him a few tiny bits of armor on his forearms and shoulders. It's super minimal, but this way he has at least a tiny bit of protection for the fights he gets into.

I'll probably lineart and color this later eventually. O:

Aaro (c) Retaya

You can contact me about commissions at these places…

You can reach me here on deviantART of course. Please speak to me through Private Messages if you want a commission. ::: Please put “Commission” as the subject. You may also put “Question” as the subject if you’re wanting to ask questions.



All prices are negotiable. The prices are based on the time in which I would need to spend making your commission.


Haggling is acceptable. I can be convinced to lower my prices if your commission is unusually simple to make. But likewise, if your commission is unusually difficult to make, I may ask for a higher price.


Prices will be decided before I begin work on your commission. Once prices are mutually agreed upon, they will not change.


After your commission is done, I will send you a preview-thumbnail of the finished picture. Once payment is accepted, I will send the full picture to you. If I am not paid as agreed upon, I will continue to hold your commission hostage.

I am currently only accepting payment through PayPal.

Once you have bought a commission, you may post it wherever you like and do whatever you want with it. But do not claim that you made it yourself. And do not sell my art to other people. Seriously. That’s a really messed up thing to do.


By default, all commissions come with a blank white background unless otherwise specified. Single-color or Transparent backgrounds are free upon request for any digital commission. Any other kind of background is considered an Add-On and will raise the quote price of the commission.

If you want a commission of something I haven't mentioned, you may ask about it, and I will give you a quote.

I reserve the rights to refuse any commission for any reason. I am reasonable, but there are things that I'm not comfortable drawing. To save you the trouble, my Nope List displays some of the things that I will not draw under any circumstances.

Retaya's Nope List
*Pornogaphy or any other sexualized art.
This is including hentai, ecchi, and fetish art.
*Sexualized nudity. I can be convinced to do artistic nudity, but it might raise the price.
*Complex technology, machinery, or vehicles. This includes cars, motorcycles, trains, and giant robots.
*Complex cityscapes. I can be convinced to do simple cityscapes, but I won't draw entire skylines in great detail.
*Hateful or insensitive imagery. I will not draw anything that is cruel to any particular group of people. This includes any race, sexuality, gender identity, religion or political affiliation.



Pencil Sketch
These are drawn in pencil. The outlines are darkened, but little to no shading is done.

Humanoid Bust: $10
Humanoid Half-body: $15
Humanoid Full-body: $20
Pony: $10
Chibi: $5


Pencil Drawing or Digital Line Art
Pencil Drawings are the completed versions of a pencil sketch, where shading is applied to the drawing.
Digital Line Art is a drawing that is inked in Manga Studio using a single color. The default has black lines on a white background, but lines and background can be any color that you request.

Humanoid Bust: $15
Humanoid Half-body: $20
Humanoid Full-body: $25
Pony: $15
Chibi: $10


Digital Flat Colored
This is a digital line art that has been given unshaded colors. The line art can either be black, or can be done in a color-hold style. Color-hold is when the lineart of something is a darker version of the overall color (commonly seen in MLP). Pony art is done in color-hold style by default. Humanoid art is done with black lineart by default. If you want something different, you must ask.

Humanoid Bust: $17
Humanoid Half-body: $22
Humanoid Full-body: $27
Pony: $17
Chibi: $12


Digital Color Shaded
This is the shaded version of Digital Flat Colored. It can be done in either a soft shaded or cell-shaded style. Soft-shaded is the default.

Humanoid Bust: $20
Humanoid Half-body: $25
Humanoid Full-body: $30
Pony: $20
Chibi: $15


Digital Painted
This is a drawing that, from start to finish, is painted directly into Manga Studio. There is no line art involved. If you want line art of any kind over a painted picture, it will raise the price.

Humanoid Bust: $20
Humanoid Half-body: $30
Humanoid Full-body: $35
Pony: $25
Chibi: $20


Simple Background: +$5
Complex Background: +$10
Small Pets or Familiars: +$3-5
Large or Complex Pets or Familiars: +$6-10
Complex Markings or Clothes: +$5-10

Comic Page Prices
Comics are charged per-panel. The price of the panel depends on its style and complexity. The script of the comic must be provided by you. The prices listed are estimates and completely negotiable, as with all prices.

One Pencil Sketched Panel: $8-12
One Pencil Drawn Panel: $13-18
One Digital Line Art Panel: $13-17
One Digital Flat Color Panel: $16-20
One Digital Color Shaded Panel: $18-25
One Digital Painted Panel: $22-30


Order Form


Your Name: Put your name or username here. This is just so that I know what to call you.
Type of Commission:
Here you would put “Pencil Drawn Bust” or “Digital Flat Color Pony” or whatever you’re deciding to buy.
Any Add-Ons:
Here you would let me know if you want any of the add-ons listed in the Add-Ons section. These will be added onto the base price of the commission.
Your Character(s) Name(s):
Tell me what your character’s name is so that I know what to call them.
Character References:
Any references to your character’s appearance go here. I prefer to have visual references, if at all possible. If this is not possible, I will also except a very detailed paragraph describing your characters’ appearance. Be as thorough as possible, and make sure to tell me about any details that are important to you. I will ask you questions if I am unsure about something.
Character Pose/Expression:
Describe the type of pose, expression, or emotion that you want your character to convey. You can be as vague or as specific as you want. If you are vague, or if you leave this part of the form blank, I will assume that you are leaving the decision up to me.

Things you can't live without:
Let me know about any details that are extremely important that I not miss.
Additional Information: If there are any details that you think are important to share with me, please tell me here.
Contact Information:
Tell me where I can most easily contact you. I will also need your e-mail address eventually, so that you can pay me.


Blank Form…

Your Name:
Type of Commission:
Any Add-Ons:
Your Character(s) Name(s):
Character References:
Character Pose/Expression:
Things you can't live without:
Additional Information:
Contact Information:

Arpeggio Model Sheet by Retaya
Arpeggio Model Sheet
So anyone remember that Tumblr Ask Blog that I made with all the ponies and stuff? Yeah, well, I'm bringing that back. I'm also bringing in new-ish characters into it. Technically I had always planned on Arpeggio being a character in the Sweet Tea Ask Blog, but he hasn't really appeared, aside from being briefly mentioned once, and showing up in the background once.

But yeah. You should probably go ask Sweet Tea something. As of now when I'm posting this, my inbox is woefully empty. XD;;;
Sweet Tea Ask Blog is here ---->>> asksweetteatheunicorn.tumblr.c…

Arpeggio (c) Retaya
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
Merc and Jude Kiss of Ultimate Feels by Retaya
Merc and Jude Kiss of Ultimate Feels
So I'm not dead. Here's a thing I made. I'm rather proud of it. =w=

Some of you who have been with me forever may or may not remember Merc, the green alien fellow and son of the space-mobster Malekarr. Some of you might also remember that I originally had his love interest as a red haired space-cop named Eluena. Well, Merc still has a red-hared love interest, and Eluena still exists, but due to a roleplay that I started with my cousin, a few things have changed.


Jude Corcoran is basically Merc's boss. He's the captain of the ship that Merc pilots. Together, along with the rest of their motley crew, they fly through space, acting as benevolent mercenaries, doing everything from bounty hunting to search-and-rescue, as long as there's money in it.

Jude and Merc make friends very quickly and all was well. But sooner or later, Jude developed a crush on Merc. A long, drawn out, and somewhat awkward phase began in their relationship with both parties making excuse after excuse to not be honest about their feelings.

Eventually they DO come clean with each other. Jude confessed his feelings just before they went on a dangerous mission. After they both survived the mission, they had a heart-to-heart about it. Merc asked Jude, "Would you have said those things if we weren't in mortal danger?" and then after Jude gave an awkward noncommittal answer, Merc basically told him "I don't think you actually like me. I think you must have gotten overcome with emotion and said some stuff you didn't mean." ...Merc tried to play it off like it's no big deal, but then he started crying mid sentence and it just devolved into him sobbing and saying "Why would you like ME? Why would anyone like me?" ...Jude then proceeded to list all the things he liked about Merc, just off the top of his head. "You're funny. You're smart. You've got really cool hair. You're always cheering me up. You never judge anyone. You're probably the greatest pilot in the universe but you're so modest about it..." and on and on and on, eventually ending with "Why wouldn't I like you?" ...Merc, overcome with emotion, found that he couldn't speak without it sounding like incomprehensible sobs. So instead he kissed him, and that, my friends, is what you see before you.

...The pose for this was a little tricky for me, mostly because of their height difference. I know it looks sort of like Jude is a teeny tiny baby in this picture, but he's actually just under average height for a human. Merc is around 6"8 to 6"10. So no matter what I did, Jude was doomed to look like a tiny baby. XD;;;


Merc (c) Retaya

Jude (c) My Cousin



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Behold Retaya, whose name is actually Deanna. Self-proclaimed writer, artist and pony enthusiast. You can expect to find ponies here, but you can also expect to find a lot of originals. And the originals need love too. ;A;

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